Stand Out from Being Boring: How a Business Name Generator Can Help You

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If you want to stand out – use a business name that reflects your identity, describes your company, is unique, catchy, and memorable at the same time! Here is how a business name generator can help you find one such name!

Wondering how to create the best name for your business? Searching in Google, Brainstorming with friends, hiring a professional agency? These are good options, but can they spark your inspiration or creativity? The business name generators are another great way for you to come yo with a name that stands out.

How to Stand Out by Being Unique

How to name your company or brand?

When you evaluate the list of options provided by the business name generator, keep in mind that your brand name should be:

  • Searchable: Spend some time researching queries and words used to find businesses and brands similar to yours in the search engine. Play with words and see what will come out of it.
  • Fresh: You need to make sure your business name is unique to avoid difficulties when choosing a domain, social networks, and products.
  • Memorable: Go for a short, simple, and descriptive name that stands out in the mind of your customers and correlates with your business.

Are there any popular styles of brand names?

With the expansion of the internet, we experienced in the number of business, especially in the ecommerce industry. This evoked several styles of brand names to evolve, some more popular than others. Some of the most popular styles of business names are:

  • The obvious one: A company name that gives explanation and clarity on the function of the business or the products it sells is an obvious choice. While this style of business name is the go-to solution for a business person who appreciates simplicity, the name can be boring sometimes. For example, The Body Shop.
  • Name-based: There are companies that are named about the owner, founder, muse, and etc. This method is popular as it helps the name stand out, especially of the name is easily recognizable or unique. This style has worked for powerful brands such as Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, and more.
  • The compounds: This style includes combining two or more words together to create one name. The first word usually is the lead and the main focus is on it. The combinations could be noun-verb, noun-noun, adjective-verb, and more. This style is widely used due to the number of combinations and possibilities. One great example is Facebook.
  • Unrelated-real words: This particular style uses words and names that the majority of people are familiar with and then they connect it to the business. For example, Apple, Amazon, Shell, and others. These names are easy to remember, popular, and replace the definition of the word itself.
  • Prefixed & suffixed names: A simple and easy naming style that includes attaching a prefix or suffix to one word. Some of the most popular examples are Shopify, iPod, Appster, Domainr, and others.

Use Shopify Business Name Generator

Using a business name generator can help you come up with the perfect business name type. Shopify is one of the best tools on the market. This tool lists business names that have domain names available.

All you have to do is enter the business’s core concept into the generator and allow Shopify name generator to do the rest.

One of the best things about Shopify Business Name Generator is that if you find the ideal name for your brand, you can sign up for a Shopify store, launch your own ecommerce website, and start selling your products immediately.

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